viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

My CLIL E-Project Prototype

Hello everyone! 
These last few days I've been working on a new project for my ICT class. It is a CLIL E-Project Prototype, which consists on making a Clil Project online, in order to present it to a group of people and convince them to join it. In other words, to sell the product.

 In my case, I  did it about The discovery of America, and my aim is to ask the rest of the teachers of my (imaginary) school to join the project in order to take it further. In that way, we  would be able to do it all around the school, and even invite families to join us, show it to them and let our kids to show what they've been working on.

Before presenting my idea, I prepared the whole project in detail, including not only the activities, but the methodology, the project's objectives, the learning outcomes, vocabulary... In that way, the people who I am selling my product, will be able to read it in detail and decide if they want to participate or not. 

If you want to have a look at it, here you have the entire project:


To show it to you I've done a presentation by using Powtoon, in order to do it more enjoyable. 

I used Powtoon because I've already used it before, I like how it works and it was going to be easier for me to do it. Learning how to use a web tool takes you some time and  honestly, this time I had to be more practical. And knowing how to use the tool was a great advantage.
However, it took me more time than I thought to finish the animation, because it was difficult to make a video that wasn't very long, but it had the information enough to be attractive and clear, in order to "sell" my product successfully. I changed it many times trying to be precise, but explaining everything I wanted to carry out in my project. So it was harder than I thought. 
However, I hope you like it. 

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

E-book Evaluation

Hi Teachers!

As you know, in our ICT class we  had to evaluate one of the CLIL E-projects proposed, in order to acquire the essential criteria necessary to do ours properly. For it, we were given two rubrics to do an accurate evaluation. In my case, I mixed them both to evaluate the one I chose to develop a more accurate assessment. 

After having a look at the different Projects, I finally chose an E-book called "Landscapes around the world" and checked If these criteria matched to all its features.

I chose it because I know children love this topic and they usually are interested on it. They love to research about landscapes and animals. That's why I will probably work on a topic similar to this one. So maybe by observing and analysing this one, I would have an idea about what I want to include and what I don't want to. 

Also, at first sight it is an attractive blog, full of multimedia tools and with a lot of information on it, with lots of pictures, videos and entertaining tasks, so I thought I would find it inspiring for mine. 

However, while doing the evaluation, I found that it didn't match to some of the points it was required to. So, althought it was attractive and interesting, there were lots of things missing on it. 

Furthermore, it is an attractive topic for me too, so I find it enjoyable to read about it, search for information or watching videos related to that topic.

To compile all my conclusions about this Edesign I decided to use It is a web page in which you can make presentations easily, as well as attractive and funny. It has been easier for me doing my presentation this time. Of course it is a new tool and I had to spend some time on knowing how to use it, but 

Do you want to know my conclusions about the E-Project I chose? Here you have it! Hope you like it!

CLIL E-project Evaluation

martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

Why Pinterest?

Good morning teachers!

As I told you in the previous post, now I'm on Pinterest too, and I want you to know how useful it could be. I discovered this web tool in my ICT class on the Masters I am currently sutdying, and after learning how to use it, I was very happy with the results. 

This online tool is similar to some others. In it you can follow different users and add to any board you like. On them, you will find people who share links about the topics you are interested in. In my case, I added a CLIL board me and my classmates created. On it, I've found loads of web pages, videos, games, and any kind of interactive activity for kids and for teachers. 

All this is a bunch of information you need to have in order and saved for the moment you want to use it, so this web page offers you the possibility to create your own and private board in which you "pin" all that information. In that way you can have it organized and saved. It is REALLY easy to get an account and to manage it, so I recommend you to have one of this.

If you want to see mine just click on the name of my board: Learning to teach with CLIL on it you will find all the links I've pinned from my classmates.

I hope you like it and you get an account soon
Keep in touch! :)