martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

Why Pinterest?

Good morning teachers!

As I told you in the previous post, now I'm on Pinterest too, and I want you to know how useful it could be. I discovered this web tool in my ICT class on the Masters I am currently sutdying, and after learning how to use it, I was very happy with the results. 

This online tool is similar to some others. In it you can follow different users and add to any board you like. On them, you will find people who share links about the topics you are interested in. In my case, I added a CLIL board me and my classmates created. On it, I've found loads of web pages, videos, games, and any kind of interactive activity for kids and for teachers. 

All this is a bunch of information you need to have in order and saved for the moment you want to use it, so this web page offers you the possibility to create your own and private board in which you "pin" all that information. In that way you can have it organized and saved. It is REALLY easy to get an account and to manage it, so I recommend you to have one of this.

If you want to see mine just click on the name of my board: Learning to teach with CLIL on it you will find all the links I've pinned from my classmates.

I hope you like it and you get an account soon
Keep in touch! :)

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