lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

More and more CLIL, now on Pinterest!

Good evening Teachers! 

First of all, I want you to know that I’ve recently opened an account on Pinterest to get much more information about CLIL, which you know that is the main issue of this blog. , I’ve shared some interesting web tools on it for interactive teaching (I will speak about them below).
 To make CLIL the protagonist of our Education, it is important for us to have loads of different resources, including ICT’s. I would dare to say that these are the most important ones, since we are in the cutting edge of new technologies, and they are part of our daily live, so it would be a great idea to teach our students to make use of technologies from an educational point of view. To teach them, I always try to look for learning online tools. Fortunately, there are online tools for everything we need, so it is not very difficult to find something funny and instructional for our students. Here you have the resources  I make part of my lessons and I’ve shared on Pinterest.

 1. To learn about dinosaurs:

 Kids usually love dinosaurs, so I usually work with them as a project, in which they will have to search for information, to organize it, make pictures, cardboards and a presentation for their classmates. On this web page they will find all the information they need, any type of dinosaur you can imagine and activities and games related to it. 

2. To learn English: 

This web page is principally for little (and not so little) children who are starting to learn English. In it, there are loads of interactive resources: games, songs, videos, activities…  And different types of printable items( worksheets, games, flashcards…). Have a look at it! 

3. To learn about the Space:

This is a very interesting topic for students, so they like to investigate about it. In here, they can learn about planets, stars, and other parts of the space. This one is less interactive. It is only to read and take some information about space, but the information is really useful and interesting. Not everything has to be interactive! Students should get used to read only for the pleasure of reading!

4. To learn about the weather: 

This one is very interactive too! In it they will learn about the energy,   the weather, the environment… Also, you will find activities and games about that. It is really interesting and useful! I completely recommend it. 

5. To learn to tell stories: 

For some kids is difficult to learn to tell stories in English, so by this web page they will have a guide to learn how to do it. There are very funny characters which advice you about how you can make a story. There are different cards for the “What”, the “Who” and the “Why not” of a story, so they can find it easier. They start mixing the cards and making different andfunny stories until they can do it by themselves. Very funny for little kids!

6. To learn maths: 

For some children maths are very difficult. On this web page they will find games to learn about different topics. In that way, they will learn easier and in a funnier way. 

I hope you find all them useful for you teaching! Anyway, I will continue posting more tools.

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