lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

A license for my blog!

Hello everybody! 

As you can see on the lower side of the screen, now there is a little black square (as the one above), which means that this blog has now a licence. And what does this imply? Well, as you know this is a blog exclusively dedicated to Education based on CLIL approach. So, to keep this blog active, I need to take some information from different sources and authors: other blogs, several web pages, videos, etc. 

At the same time, as well as they allow me to use their information, by having this license, I will allow them to use mine too. They will be able to work with all the CLIL materials I show and share, in a legal way.  That  is, they are allowed to work with the information I provide them with, share it, create upon it, and redistribute it, but always certifying that they got it from my job. 

Of course, we can transfer this to the Education field by teaching our students to use licenses. The use of them is important because this teaches our students to be respectful with people’s work and effort. All the information you take from someone has a copyright. It is important for them to know that using other people’s material without permission is copying. The same as we shouldn’t allow them to do the same with our work.
Apart from that, is good for them to learn that using information from other sources without permision could mean troubles for us. So it is better  to ensure that everything we are doing is legal.

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