jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

CLIL PLE and PLN Mindmap

Good afternoon classmates! 
During our ICT class we had to do a mindmap about our CLIL PLE and PLN, so I wanted to share it with you. It consisted on making a summarize about what we have learnt about CLIL during our lives, since we started our Teacher Training degree. 
To make it I used a tool called easel.ly. It was recommended to me by some classmates due to the fact that it is very easy to use, and it certainly was. Apart from that, I liked the different resources and features it has to make very original, colourful and attractive presentations, or if you prefer it, you can choose very formal features too, available to everybody without having to pay.
I didn't have too many problems to do it, but it is a slow process, because the circles and shapes have to fit in the space and be coordinated so they don't look messy. Also, if you want to move one circule, for example, from one place to the other, everything there is in it, has to be moved one by one too, so if you move one part of your mindmap, the rest of the features should be moved too individually and this delay your job.
Related to the content I chose different sources for my PLE learning:
1. Google, firefox, youtube and safari, in which I search terms, key words, videos, contents and web pages about CLIL to widen my knowlodege about clil.
2.Blogger and Twitter, where I usually find links or little quotes of information which take me to web pages or books about this topic.
3. Books, where I can read articles about CLIL.
4. Universities and schools,  where I've known classmates and teachers, from whom I have learnt a lot.

5. Power Point, Word, Easel.ly and Powtoon which are tools that I use to compile and organize all this information. These tools could be considered as part of my PLN too, since they are lately uploaded and shared with other people.
For my CLIL PLN I use some other tools such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Moodle, or Twitter, where I can get and share information too, by interacting (commenting, asking through chat, sharing...) or by reading and taking mental notes about what I see. Also, I can give opinion about the information I share or the one that I get from other people.
At the moment these are the online tools I use to share and get information for my PLE and PLN, but I hope to know much more and different tools for other purposes.
Here you have it!

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