lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Let's go to the Cinema!

Hello Everyone!

This last week we have been working on a very fun and interesting project: a Video Challenge! Do you remember my CLIL E-Project? Well, according to that, we formed groups made of people who had worked on the same topic (in our case it was History) and started our challenge. 

As films on cinema, first of all, it was essential to write a script. But we did it in a very special way.

Our Video Planning is about how to make a comic. As our Project is about history, we decided to link the comic to that topic. On it, we included some scenes about different periods, in order to teach the students how to do the story. So, by reading a comic, they will learn how to do it. 

To make our Video Planning we used Storyboard That, which is a very useful and simple tool to make comics. It offers a big amount of free resources for you to develop your ideas and create stories related to any topic you wish. On it, we found sketches of places, characters and different types of accessories you can use to decorate your scenes. 

As our story includes those different periods of History, we needed to use very diverse landscapes and characters in order to represent them. During the process we found loads of options to create our comic, even finding inspiring ideas within the tool to carry it out. Although we thought it would be difficult to find all the tools we required, it was easier than we expected.

Also, creating and decorating the sketches and the characters was easy to do, as well as sequencing the images, writing the bubbles and organizing the story. We just had to drag with the mouse what we wanted to use and release it wherever we liked.

Although all this is available, there was one thing that wasn’t. The only problem we found was that to use more than six boxes implied paying, and this limited our work too much. We had to cut back the story in order to make it shorter and use only those six boxes, so we couldn’t include many details we’d liked to. It would have been really nice to be able to do it just as we had prepared it. 

Apart from that, a little detail that was an obstacle too, was the fact that the characters have only two positions (standing and sitting), and sometimes we couldn’t represent the scene exactly as we’d thought. 

Nevertheless, it has been a good idea to use this tool and we are satisfied with the results. We will use it again in the future for other projects, that’s for sure.


Here you have the link to see it in detail:

As I told you, that was only the first step! After finishing our funny script, we had to take the most important step: bring it to life!
So after some obstacles and inconvenients, our video challenge was ready. We decided to use a croma key to add some after effects to our video, as for changing the background to pretend different times in history. Moreover, we had to disguise ourself with different clothes. 
" Recording was easy and we spend about an hour or so to do it (thanks to the storyboard planning) but we had to deal with a lot of problems when editing. 
At the very beggining, we tried Sony Vegas but it didn't work in my computer, so we decided to download a free trial version of Adobe Premier cc, which is a profesional video editor and this meant it was going to be more difficult to use. We had to saw many tutorials before finding out how to use it and how to apply a croma effect. Then, we discovered that the light used in the video was not uniforme as well as the green color on the croma key. This means a VERY BIG trouble  when you are editing because you need the green color to be uniforme and be sure there aren't any shadows. We were about recording the video again, in order to improve it and be able to edit it. Inexperienced young people issues! 
Finally, we found a solution to eliminate all the green color in the video and mantained red and blue. This worked because it eliminated all the green background and also the green in our faces. Although the faces were rather red, after all the inconvenients we had to deal with, this was the least of our problems. 
Then, with the video finished, we used iMovie to add music and some effects easily.
However, despite it was difficult to edit the video, we had a great time recording it and it was a really good group experience. 
Here you have our video in which we explain a new challenge to our children. They will have to create a comic about a history period of time. So, please don't laugh at our red faces!  

Here you have the link to the video:

* We have included the Bloopers and Outtakes just for fun, but maybe for children we will leave it without them.

Hope you liked it and had fun!

See you soon!

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