lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Back to the childhood!

Hi again teachers!

I just wanted to show another work we did in the same group I told you some posts ago. This time it is an Infographic. It consists on doing something similar to a poster for the wall, but online. It is aimed to show the students how to do something. In our case, as our topic was History, we wanted to show them how to make a timeline, in order to organize their study. 

 We  were inspirated on Mario Bros videogames, due to the fact that it will make the information visual and funny for children, so they feel more motivaste o do their task. 
At the beginning we tried different kinds of programas but we decided to use Piktochart because it was the more suitable for use. It allows you to use all the space you need for your infographic, as well as all the icons and images in the app. By the way, the backgrounds are amazing and the text edition possibilities too. And it's all free!
Hope you like it and find it useful.  

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