lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Throwback to comics!

Good afternoon everyone!

Remember the post about creating a script for our video in the form of a comic?? Well, this would be a great idea to develop in class with our students, of course, using a web tool. 

So we have developed a slideshow in order to teach them how to do it through Pixton, a fantastic online web.

Thinking of explaining our students in a brief, clear and easy way how to use Pixton, we have picked Google Slides to do it. Pixton is an easy tool to use but it has many different options and could be hard to start working with it for students in early primary. As a result, we have created a slide show with all the main different steps to create properly a comic. 
We have chosen Google Slide to create our slideshow because it is an easy tool really similar to Power Point that we all manage perfectly; and also because it lets us work together being each one on its own home. So that, we save time and we can work coordinated as a perfect team. 
The structure of the slideshow follows the correct order of the different steps to use Pixton. It starts showing how to sign up and create a new account and finishes showing how to complete a comic. To make it more visual, we have done screenshots of the different steps and emphasize it with red arrows and squares. The unique problem we have struggled with has been precisely emphasizing those buttons or elements essential to use Pixton. Google Slides does not allow you to create a red line square; you can just create a filled square. So that, you must create each read line independently and it is difficult to make them perfectly straight. 
In spite of this fact, Google Slides is a great tool in order to teamwork online and create any sort of presentation. In the same way, Pixton is and incredible tool for students to create any story and also represent a specific historical period.

Here you have the link:

Comic Slideshow

Hope you like it! 

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