lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Exploring Aurasma!

Hello Teachers!

As you all know, our new challenge for our ICT class is to create an Aurasma picture about your self-portrait as a reader, in order to celebrate the "World book and copyright Day", and I wanted to share with you how was my process while doing it. It was long and hard, so... Are you ready??

First of all, it was difficult for me to understand what this App consisted on, so I searched a tutorial on internet to be clear about it. Here you have it, in case you want to have a look at it:

Once that was clear, I had to understand how to use it. Although in my moodle's assignment was very clear, my classmates told me to watch this useful tutorial they did themselves:

Once I understood everything, I started to work on it. 

First of all, I had to design my Cover image that Aurasma has to scan in order to watch the video, so I decided to use one of my favorite tools:

Before understanding what Aurasma consisted on, I created a really big poster about my book preferences and all the kinds of books I have read during all my life. It was so big that Aurasma wasn't going to be able to scan itso I had to start again, and do something simpler. I decided just to made something that summarized what I wanted to speak about, and represent it through images. Here you have the final result:

Once I finished the first part, I had to prepare the video clip/audio track.

As I didn't want to appear on it, I decided to record my voice with an App called Simple Recorder. Once the result was exactly as I wanted it (this took me several attempts), I tried to mix the cover image with my audio in Aurasma. But I realized that a video was required to obtain the desired effect.
I tried to convert the audio into video, but I still needed to have both of them, so I didn't have any more options.
This was nothing compared to all the issues I had to deal with after that. I made a video using Kizoa, as some of my mates did, but this tool don't allow you to download it on your computer without paying, so one of my friends suggested me to uploaded on youtube to download it later. 
Well, I tried it. But it was difficult to find a web page that allowed me to do it without having to install any program. So I finally gave up when my dad (who is a very clever informatic) told me to use iMovie (which I had already intalled on my Mac)... And SURPRISE! It was easy, fast and offered more resources than Kizoa.

I must confess that I made two Attempts before succeeding on uploading it to Aurasma, due to the size of the video... I thought this was never going to finish.

I felt really silly after all my efforts to download my own video, and all the time I waisted on trying it, but finally I got it!

Once it was uploaded, it was very easy to have my Aurasma finished. It was just upload my Trigger Image, then my Overlay (video clip) and MAGIC! It was finally done. Do you want to try it?  Here you have it! Follow me there, you can find me as Gabrielamqz!

I hope you like it!! See you soon!

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  1. Could you tell us what the name of your public channel is, so that we can follow you at Aurasma and discover that magic, please? Thank you

    1. Yes, I iforgot to tell you: Gabrielamqz
      You already have it in the post too.