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Rubrics rubrics and rubrics!

Good morning teachers!

On this post I want to show you the results of our new challenge: our own E-Project's rubric.

As you know, in order to develop our assignments correctly, we must take into account our teacher's rubric in order to know what is she going to evaluate. In that way, we are able to be aware of our faults and successes once she has corrected, and improve it, if needed. This means, a rubric gathers all the features needed in order to have a good mark.

Well, this time our challenge is to make a rubric like this one ourselves. For me it is a very good idea to do this, since it gives us the opportunity to show what is really important for us when accomplishing our tasks and think about how would we evaluate it if we were the teachers.

Well, to make it I used an online tool called QuickRubric. It is a very simple tool which allows you to make rubrics as big as you wish: within the chart, you can include as many columns as rows as you want, a title, a subtitle and the punctuation you will use to assess. 

QuickRubric is very easy to use: you just have to sign up, and start working. It is not needed to watch any tutorials or read any instructions to use it, since it is very clear how it works from the beginning. Once you sign up, you can see a chart with different sections: the title, the raws and the columns. In each of them you can see the words “edit me”, and you just have to click on them to write anything you want.

Once you have your rubric finished, you just have to click on "save rubric" and that’s it! Very easy and fast, and the results are great! I’m sure this will be a very useful tool for my future as a teacher.

While making the rubric, it was a little difficult for me to decide what to assessment aspects to include on it, because I had to think about what is really important for me when evaluating an E-Project. Finally, I chose the ones you can see below, because they fitted the most with my assessment criteria.

Describing each rating scale was a bit difficult too, because (at least in my case) you have to imagine an E-Project for each of them, so you get an idea of how would be an E-Project that is worthy to obtain the maximum rate and how would be the opposite. 

After several attempts and lots of changes, I had my rubric finished. Here you can see it in detail:

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