martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

And this is it!

Hi teachers!!

Well, I think this is one of the last posts I am going to publish for my ICT class, so to say goodbye,  I want to show you a summary we did about everything we have learnt and worked on during our Masters course.

To make it, I prepared a video presentation on, a new Online tool for me.  On it, I included a review of my posts, tasks and Projects, in order to remember how much I have worked and observe whether I had improved and learnt during these months, or not.

To do my Final Reflections I just had to make a Power Point and uploaded it to Then, I had to record myself in order to add the audio and share it. It was very easy! 

The only thing I didn't like about the tool, was that it was impossible to edit some parts between the slides. I mean, if you had your video finished, and later, when reviewing it (that was my case) you realized there was something wrong, you weren't able to change it. So I had to
record it again once I had finished. 

Both attempts took me a lot of time... It is not easy to record such as long video.

Another thing I must complain about, is that the tools you were allowed to share your video on, were very limited. I wanted to share it on youtube, for example, and I couldn't do it directly from the tool.

But apart form that, it was easy and quick to do my last challenge.

While doing it, I remembered perfectly all my feelings during each assignment's process, as well as all the issues I had to deal with. Thanks to that, now I know how much I have learnt during these months on my ICT subject, and I can say that I know lots of useful CLIL resources and different teaching perspectives, not just the ones we already knew.

So I think I can proudly say that all my work has been very useful for my profesional career and I have acquired new knowledge I will put in practice in my future.

Here you have the video! I hope you like it and thank you so much for reading!! 

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